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Two Tribes

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The delicious taste of Christmas

Coffee Origin: Colombia - Excelso and Peru - El Palto

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Orange , Almonds, and Caramel

Coffee roast: Medium

Every so often the stars align, everything falls into place and a delicious new blend is created. This is Two Tribes. The delicious zest of Colombian beans for milk chocolate with a distinct nutty flavour and the mighty Peruvian for sweet orange, almond and caramel aftertaste.
Perfect synchronicity to brew as a divinely smooth filter, espresso or as a milky cappuccino. 

Two Tribes
Whole Bean / 250gr - $13.88
  • Whole Bean / 250gr - $13.88
  • Whole Bean / 1kg - $43.30
  • Ground for filter / 250gr - $13.88
  • Ground for filter / 1kg - $43.30
  • Ground for espresso / 250gr - $13.88
  • Ground for espresso / 1kg - $43.30
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