It’s no secret that after several years in business as a café and now also a roaster, we absolutely love our coffee here at Monks Coffee Roasters. Just like you, we strive to be always better at what we do and really want to share that passion and enthusiasm with other cafes, hotels, restaurants, retailers and businesses. Our goal is to partner with businesses who seek the highest quality in their coffee, support innovative and long term partnerships and are committed to transparency around price and product.


We source our green beans from farmers who are using ecological and socially sustainable practices that support a healthy ecosystem and provide a fair living for their workers. A lot of care goes into the growing, shipping and roasting of these special coffees and this is reflected in the quality we provide our customers.


Our wholesale program will be tailored to your particular needs where you can work with us to create your own special bespoke blend here in our roastery or also use one of our current beans available. This choice is always yours.


We roast on a Probatone 12 because it allows us to roast with precision and with profiles that highlight the origin, varietal and natural flavours of the coffee. Roasted samples are available upon request and should you like our coffee, ongoing advice will be readily available so you can get the very best from every drop.


We can also help you getting set up with the right machines and grinders. We also offer coffee skills training to your staff at no charge.


For more information call us or simply fill in our enquiries form below.

If you have any questions or want more information, send us a message