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Coffee Origin: Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Cream tea, and Bright

Coffee roast: Medium

Guji was previously lumped under Yirgacheffe, but was delineated as a separate microregion thanks to its unique growing conditions that produce a spectacular profile that’s floral, complex and sweet. This Natural coffee from Arsosala embodies Guji’s flavors with a profile that has a succulent creaminess and floral and stone fruit notes.

Strawberry, milk chocolate, floral, honey

Whole Bean / 250gr - €12,50
  • Whole Bean / 250gr - €12,50
  • Whole Bean / 1kg - €39,00
  • Ground for filter / 250gr - €12,50
  • Ground for filter / 1kg - €39,00
  • Ground for espresso / 250gr - €12,50
  • Ground for espresso / 1kg - €39,00
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